Christmas Wrapping

 In general

There’s something extremely satisfying about having a good present wrapping session. A perfect excuse to pop some carols on and have a nice glass of baileys at hand.

I like to change my style of wrapping every year and I find a quick pinterest browse is a massive help if I’m struggling for inspiration.

I like to have the wrapping paper as blank canvas – unless I get drawn in by one of Paperchases extremely cute papers – This year I have chosen brown parcel paper and a royal blue paper.

By having the paper as a blank canvas I am left with a lot more ribbon wiggle room. The high street shops have a great choice for ribbons. However I always like to have a mosey on down to the fabric shop, CH Fabrics. Oh my gosh…its ribbon heaven!!! No curling ribbon in sight just yummy reams of lace, twine, satin, velvets, sequins mmmm (such a girl!)

Ribbon from the fabric shop will be a little more costly, so I like to be thrifty with it. Sometimes I won’t cross it at the back so the ribbon wraps all sides. I think it looks nice to wrap it around just once.

Before the cherry on the cake…here’s an interesting fact.

Did you know the use of wrapping paper was first documented in ancient China. Monetary gifts were wrapped with paper, forming an envelope known as a chih pao. The wrapped gifts were distributed by the Chinese court to government officials. The coarsest wrapping paper was manufactured with rice straws and bamboo fiber.

Although the Hall brothers Rollie and Joyce Hall, founders of Hallmak cards did not invent gift wrapping. They popularised wrapping paper which led to the development of modern gift wrapping.

…Of course the cherry on the cake is the bow 🎀. It’s taken me years of practice to get the ribbon length correct. Then to get it so it’s even when you tie the bow. And then to make sure the bow looks well formed. I mean, undoing the bow is the best part of unwrapping a present!

I hope you enjoyed my blog this week folks AND happy wrapping 🎁

I’ll see you in 2 weeks…Christmas eve eeeeekkkkk! 😘


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