HALLOWEEN at ‘hannah’s’ 🎃

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Did you know Halloween originated in Ireland, Scotland & Wales? It is linked to the celtic festival Samhain, ‘Summers end’ It marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, also known as the ‘darker half’

People believed that it was a time where the boundaries between this world and the ‘other world’ were weakened. This meant that the other spirits could become active in our world for this short period of time.

Halloween only became popular in North America in the 19/20th Century when a a large portion of the Irish population immigrated and settled over there taking their beliefs with them.

At hannah’s I embrace my Irish roots and celebrate Halloween. From a spooky and beautifully decorated door by Catherine Coombes. To Devil horns and Witches hats.

I also open my doors to all the local little scaly wags who want to be spooked and take home a yummy homemade brownie and some deliciously naughty sweeties.

Earlier in the week my sister, myself and our gorgeous little helper Lucy had a practice bake.

Oh…and we obviously got to eat the test bake… YUMMERS!!

Here are some snaps of the treats you little ghosts, witches, devils and pumpkins will be taking home.

Trick or Treat at ‘hannah’s’ on Saturday 31st October between 4pm & 8pm. Make sure you have your scariest faces on Kids 👻


See you in two weeks for my next blog, All the very best,¬†hannah 😘

p.s. you can read more about halloween here. I found it very interesting.

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