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This time last month saw ‘hannah’s’ first birthday! Horahhh!

And what a blast the first year has been, I have met some wonderful people, settled into my new lifestyle nicely and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Upon realising it was coming up to the big first birthday we decided to take a couple of days off (yes you heard me right “a couple”‚Ķ.if only it could have been a little longer) I got Leyla settled and organised Grandma Jane to pay daily visits and valuable snuggle time. Then Boyfriend and I packed our bags, bundled into the car and headed over to Cornwall. 4 hours is a long time to travel for 2 days, but you know what, for me the drive was the perfect wind down after a very very busy August bank holiday.

We booked into Trevose Harbour House in St Ives. Featured in the same Conde Nast article as hannah‚Äôs a couple of months ago, I knew we were in for a treat. Upon arrival we were welcomed by Olivier, warm, friendly and smiling we were made to feel at home within a second. Whilst Olivier was slicing us a piece of cake and making us a coffee, my eyes began to dance, the beautiful interior design, attention to detail, local books, fresh smells and overall feeling of my body sinking into the sofa, swallowed me up! hmmm… and relax!

Our room was delightful and it was very hard not to collapse onto the plush bed and fall asleep for 2 days!

A little stroll was just what I needed 😮!

Once the sea air tickled my face I was desperate to dip my toes into the sea. Alas! True Hannah McIntyre style I got wet! But at least we got a good picture out of it 😊. We sat facing the sea and the noise of St Ives enveloped us but at the centre of it, there was this perfect pocket of serenity.

On our first night we went to this amazing Vegetarian Restaurant, having recently leaned towards vegetarian eating/cooking it was nice to have a vegetarian meal cooked for me at Spinacio’s‚Ķ.Beautiful.

A good nights sleep later, I awake, very very excited to have breakfast cooked for me‚Ķ.woop whoop! No eggs to beat, mushrooms to cook, fruit to juice…just a plate full of goodness in front of me to put into my mouth! Delicious. Unfortunately I was too excited and forgot to take a picture of my avocado & poached egg on toast until it was too late. We met Angela who made our breakfast experience no other than perfect.

The day swept us away. Lying in the beating sun on the beach made me feel like a tasty cake in the oven, all the goodness rising up inside of me. Just blissful! We mooched around town found some great shops and watched the tide go out and come back in again.

In the evening we enjoyed a rather large cocktail in a funky little bar followed by hands down, the best, burger I’ve ever had. Blas Burgerworks is a tiny little space, packed with life, it oozes ‘cool’! I went for the veggie chilli burger, now I am not sure if my picture makes the burger look good to you? But I can promise you, the burger was so good that when I look at that picture I can taste it! After over indulging the only thing left to do was to go back to Trevose Harbour House and pour ourselves a nice stiff drink from they’re retro honesty bar.

The morning wakes up a very relaxed Hannah. After being treated to a gorgeous breakfast once again we had one last walk around the headland. A little cooler and cloudier, the wind takes your breath away, all traces of anxiety, stress, sadness, cobwebs whatever is in there haunting you….Gone!

A farewell to Olivier and Angela with a sincere promise to visit again next year and an open invite to visit ‚Äòhannah‚Äôs‚Äô whenever the opportunity arises. We leave, big sad face, 😟 Next time 2 days needs to be made into at least 4. To break up the journey we did a quick stop in Fowey, an idyllic little sea side town. Packed with cute little shops, buzzing streets and gorgeous little tea rooms. We found ourselves in the garden of ‚ÄòThe Dwelling House‚Äô having a rather large full afternoon tea. Absolutely scrummy. The Scones were to die for. We were not only offered one jam but an array of jams. A mouth watering selection of cakes that were all being made at the hearth which can be seen by all the people in the cafe. Wonderful idea.

If you ever need a quick break for whatever reason. St Ives will never be too far to travel. It is a must have visit, if not once but twice. Well I think you can say numerous visits will suffice.

All the very best and see you in 2 weeks for my next blog😘

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