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You may want to say ‘Hello Stranger’ back. It’s been a while since I’ve opened my notebook and started writing…

It has been a very different first half of the year for me. At the end of last year my long term boyfriend and I said a very sad goodbye which knocked me sideways. Followed by a massive adventure at the beginning of this year, I must admit I have found it hard to find my rhythm again. I’m sure you have had times when you have lost your rhythm and I hope you agree it is an awfully strange feeling and process to go through to try and find it again. I feel like I may now have a grasp of it and I want to start on my path back to normality…and what feels like reality.

I got back from Thailand at the beginning of March and what an incredible time I had, It took me nearly 3 weeks to get over my jet lag and ‘beach attitude’.

The first 4 weeks of my trip I spent discovering the world of yoga, the biggest love of my life to date, it was an intense month learning and training but at the end I qualified as a Yoga Academy Yin and Yang Yoga Teacher which was one of the proudest moments of my whole life 😀

At the end of the course I wanted to find a little solitude and space so I hopped on a plane and ventured of to Koh Lanta – one word – heaven – I tasted the most incredible food, I soaked in some of the most beautiful sunsets, I learnt to cook Thai Style AND I RODE A MOPED for the first time.

I could have stayed on Koh Lanta forever! But I had made plans to meet up with a dear friends best friend. I must admit I was a little nervous hopping on a ferry with my backpack and venturing over to Koh Phi Phi to meet up with someone I had never met to spend the next 4 nights with. The minute I met Angy – I knew it was friend love at first sight. Holiday Soul Mate is an understatement. We had such a wonderful time – even though we started on the most bizarre island! I have taken some pretty arty farty photos but the island is crawling with humans, no space for nature or air! It was a laugh but I think I underestimated the effect a month of yoga had had on me. Angy wasn’t a massive fan either so after a little boat trip to the famous BEACH beach we headed back to the mainland.

Spending a night in Krabi with the largest of holiday cocktails and fantastic food we felt at one with the world again.

The last stop on my Thailand adventure was over to Koh Toa. Such a tropical paradise! However we didn’t realise how diver orientated it was, with neither of us a keen diver to say the least we stuck out like a saw thumb when meeting fellow hostel goers. But it didn’t stop us having fun.

Over our first breakfast we came to the decision of moped renting. Angy being a ‘moped virgin’ and me being pretty close to a ‘moped virgin’ I am not sure we were quite sure what we were getting ourselves into. We were told that the island was a little hilly, well I don’t know if you have visited Koh Tao but this is certainly an understatement!

With a sudden sense of responsibility with not only Angy following my guidance but some stray fellow’moped virgins’ I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility clambering up and down the what seemed more like mountains of this picturesq island. After a couple of wrong turns and hairy roads I ended up coming to an abrupt standstill at the top of one of the scariest descents I have ever seen with bare legs and no leathers! Moped DONE! Feet in action!

But to discover bliss it was worth it.

It was our last night together and we decided a trip in the dark, on our mopeds, to the big town was a really smart idea =) We ran out of petrol, Angy’s debit card was swallowed at the bank, I tried bartering for the first time…which did not go the way I would have liked and my moped had a blow out on the way back to our hostel.


But Angy and I were the perfect mix of Yin and Yang. We conquered every scary turn in the road together and have created some amazing memories we shall both tell over and over again.

On my flight home, it felt strange to be coming back, I knew my home would be a little emptier and I was worried I wouldn’t know how to make that work for me.  I very much wanted to see my incredible family, my little Leyla and all my dear supportive friends. But I also felt like I had found a home within my yoga training and I didn’t want to leave it behind.


I have been back just over 4 months, I have begun a new love affair with my b&b, one of maturity and understanding. I have been mindful in the kitchen creating some yummy breakfasts and afternoon treats for all my guests.

Every second feels like a minute and I seem to be able to complete tasks more efficiently. So maybe I didn’t leave my yoga home behind, I would like to think I have brought a little bit of it back….. Leyla certainly thinks so =)

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