Mothers Day Crafting

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Mothers Day is fast approaching and this year I am going back to basics

(my dearest mum, if you don’t want to see your mothers day treat, stop reading now!!!)

When I was younger I really enjoyed the art class before mothers day. I remember them well, they were always filled with tonnes of glitter and brightly coloured pens. The end result, in our young beautiful eyes, was always a fine piece of art!! I might think differently now 😊

On Mothering Sunday my sister and I would wake up, trundle to the kitchen and I would get scrambling the eggs (little did I know I’d be scrambling eggs more often than normal later on in life) and she would pick a bunch of daffodils from the garden 💐. On her return she would make up a pretty tray and a cup of tea. We’d take our masterpiece up to mum who would still be snoozing in bed, or pretending to snooze as I am sure we weren’t the quietest of mice. We would wait and watch her with beady little eyes for a look of appreciation. I’m sure the tea wasn’t perfectly brewed and the toast a little soggy BUT the effort was enough to fill her heart with love.

This is what it is all about! 👍

So in this weeks blog I am sharing how to make a card for your mums. Along with some local gift shopping tips.

You will need:

1 Chopping Board

1 Pair of Scissors

1 Craft Knife

15cm Garden Wire


Selection of writing Pens

Raffia – You can buy this at your local craft shop or online

Blank Card – You can buy a pack of these online

Something Pretty – I bought these bunches of flowers at the local craft shop

Firstly take your blank card and open it up on the chopping board. On the left hand side cut two small rectangular holes.

On the front side, place your pretty item between the two rectangular holes, feed the garden wire through so it holds the item in place.

Open the card back up and twist the garden wire to form a secure tie (like the awfully annoying ties you used to get on a doll or new toy)

Now feed the raffia through the two holes but from the inside of the card. When done, Sellotape the raffia & the garden wire twist down.

Now have the card in it’s closed position and tie a bow in the raffia. `

All that’s left to do now is write on the front

Happy Mothers Day

Have a big happy mummy day

For you on Mothers day…….

The beauty of a homemade card is you can write anything you like.

And there you go…a homemade card for your mum! So simple and will only take you 15 minutes.


Some years we have leaned on our mums more than other years and this makes us want to buy them a little token of our thanks.

Here are some of my favourite places to go offering a great range of local produce and artisan gifts.

Toscanaccio – For that bottle of fizz

Winchester Cocoa – For that box of chocs

Jane McIntyre Design – For the candle, the perfume, the scarf or…even the card if you haven’t got round to making your own 😉

Caracoli – For some Sunday morning coffee beans or a nice sticky loaf cake

hannah’s – Having a little boutique hotel close by is great, even though I am a small b&b I aspire to offer all a small hotel can offer. So if you want to spoil your mum this year how about cakes and tea at hannah’s. You can either contact me directly to book or buy your mum a voucher.


I hope my little crafty blog has helped you get ready for Mothers Day and please get in touch here if you have any questions at all!

See you soon 😘

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