Valentines…By Me

 In Dream & Write

A month filled with love.

A gesture, big or small, flower like, chocolate like, or nothing at all. A day when men are put to the test, there’s no time for them to rest. With eager mind and heart, we women wait for them to play their part. Historically a day for a feast, let’s hope we do this, at least. Legend says Saint Valentine of Rome married the soldiers one by one, they were banned from marriage, banned from love and Saint Valentine was seen as a martyr from up above. Imprisoned was Saint Valentine, sentenced to death to pay for his fateful sin. In his last days our cupid he falls in love with his jailer’s daughter but he doesn’t have time to court her. He leaves her with a parting gift, a love letter which nowadays makes us feel so much better. At the end of his declarations he signed, quite simply, “Your Valentine”. And there we have it, a story to tell! Instead of this hustle and bustle to find the best flower like, chocolate like gesture of all,  a kiss will suffice… and there’s my advice.

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