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I am officially and belatedly wishing you a happy new year.

What a year 2014 was, I think it’s taken the first month of 2015 to go by for me to realise this. I effectively built a house from ground up, with a higgledy piggledy shell of a building to inspire me.

House Renovation     House Renovation

House Renovation     House Renovation

I designed every feature and quirk, I watched these come to life. I dreamt of the concept ‘hannah’s’ and opened the doors to my first real life guests on the last weekend of August and have been busy ever since.

Copper Towel Rail      Dressing Room

hannah's      Copper Shower

hannah's preserves     Light Shelves

There have been good mornings and bad mornings, the mornings when I set flowers alight and give my guests empty milk jugs. Then there’s the mornings when I get 3 double yolk eggs, compliments to the chef (me) and time for a coffee and a piece of homemade jam on toast.

It’s not just the b&b that warms my heart my home feels more and more like home. My pantry looks gorgeously colourful, very untidy yet I know where everything is!


My bed gets comfier and comfier every night and my boyfriend gets more and more squidgy. Leyla has more of a character than ever, talking to me all day long, I haven’t quite managed to distinguish play with mummy and if you touch me I’ll scratch you baaaad. What a beautiful little madam she is. She finds a new hiding place every week and she’s convinced we don’t know where she is.

Resident Cat     Resident Cat

On a relaxed day I get to stroll up to mums shop (Jane McIntyre Design), going to my favourite coffee place Caracoli on the way, ordering a takeaway latte and if I’m feeling super relaxed and naughty a Caracoli cookie. Mum and I sit in the back office dreaming of big design jobs, talking colours, fabrics, furniture, troubles and love. Occasionally I’ll show off my latest yoga move, oh how I have become addicted to Gemma’s classes (Blossom Yoga), they really make my week complete.

So I have seen in 2015 with some good reviews, the highlight being Nicola Trupp’s review in The Independent travel,¬†some solid bookings and some lovely guests. Here’s to a fruitful year filled with a launch party, more reviews, more guests… and a new project.


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